Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

The Holidays are quickly approaching, and decorating is on everyone's mind. If you live in a small space, then there is no doubt that finding the perfect Christmas tree can be challenging. We have compiled some creative Christmas tree ideas for tiny homes, studio apartments, and lofts to help you get ready for the 2022 Christmas season!

A Space-Saving Christmas Tree: The Frasier Fir

If you live in a smaller space (like a studio apartment or tiny home), square footage is at a premium, and every item you bring home requires a designated location before it enters the front door. Of course, you need to save space, but this Christmas, you have your heart set on purchasing a real Christmas tree to decorate your home.

If you want a small real tree in your tiny space, remember less is more. Pick small coniferous trees that are small in size but not small on impact!

A small tree that is known for its unique shape and wonderful fragrance, the Fraser Fir makes a strong visual statement in any small space. With very symmetrical branches that rise upward instead of outward, this tree can fit into small spots where other trees won't work!

The Frasier Fir comes in all different sizes. Be sure to read this Sizing Guide before making your selection.

Creative Ways to Save Space with Your Real Christmas Tree

There are small trees, and then there is a small real tree that makes a big impression.

The same way a small table in front of a window can maximize natural light indoors, Christmas trees placed in front of a window can help maximize small space.

The best part about small trees is that they don't require a lot of decorations.

For small spaces, you don't need much to decorate for the holidays! Just a few small ornaments and/or ribbon around your tree is all that is required to feel festive this holiday season.

To minimize the square footage that the tree takes up, start at the base. For example, a medium-size woven basket, galvanized bucket, or a Christmas tree collar base provides a tidier footing than a tree skirt.

If you're wondering what a Christmas tree collar base is or where to find one, it is a decorative cuff that wraps around the tree stand. FamilyHandyMan provides a guide on how to find your perfect tree collar. He does suggest for real trees to use a metal or plastic collar to avoid mishaps while watering. While the collar is a reasonably new upgrade to the traditional tree skirt, it is also easy to find in various stores: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Home Goods, etc.

When decorating, match your living space's aesthetics but add that extra pop of color that screams Christmas.

Where to Put Your Christmas Tree in a Small Apartment

Consider buying a small Christmas tree that will fit perfectly in corners, by the wall, or in front of a window. Short fat Christmas trees work exceptionally well in windows, giving the illusion that they are bigger than they are. A more slender tree fits nicely into the corner of a room, creating an off-centered focal point that continually draws the eye in.

The most important thing to remember when decorating your small Christmas tree is that less is more, and small doesn't mean boring or plain. The natural beauty of Frasier Fir alone, with its silvery green soft needles and cozy smell, becomes a central focus and conversational starter/

Sometimes small real Christmas trees can be the most impactful and inspiring! Simplicity is beautiful.

Apartment Therapy is also a great resource for ideas. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! You're Way to Big For My House - is an enjoyable read full of ideas.

The Benefits of a Real Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

The best part of opting for a real tree over a small artificial Christmas tree is that you don't have to find, or pay for, a place to store it! Instead, you'll be saving space year-round.

You'll also be making the eco-friendly choice.

Artificial trees will always take up more than their share of space in landfills when disposed of. However, real Christmas trees can be recycled and reused by Mother Earth. They make for excellent animal habitats, mulch, and craft supplies.

Where to Buy the Perfect, Space Saving Christmas Tree

We might be biased, but with us, of course!

In addition to helping you pick out the perfect sized tree for your small space, we also deliver for FREE. If you have about as much time as living space, let us know at check out, and we'll send our elves to help set the tree up with lights and then again when it's time to remove and recycle. All you have to worry about is decorating and enjoying.


  • choose smaller options and stay realistic
  • less is more & simplicity is beautiful
  • pre-order to ensure a small tree is available
  • choose real trees to save space and our environment

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