Buying a Real Christmas Tree? You NEED to Read This Buyers Guide

Buying a Real Christmas Tree? You NEED to Read This Buyers Guide

Choosing a Christmas tree can be intimidating. With so many options, it's hard to know which tree is best for you and your family! Where is the best place to buy a fresh-cut Christmas tree online? How much should I spend on the perfect tree for my space and my family? We're here to answer all these questions and more in our Real Christmas tree buyers guide!

What size Christmas tree is right for you

First, you'll need to know what size of a Christmas Tree will fit in your space.

Consider the space

When selecting a Christmas tree, consider the size and state of the room where it will be displayed. If you have limited space for furniture or decorations, you don't want to get an overly tall or full tree. If you have a large amount of space designated for a tree, putting a tiny one in won't do either.

Ceiling height is important, especially if you want to put a topper on your tree.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree is a fun story to read every year to the kids, but we don't recommend trying to act it out in real life. It's best to not chop off the top of your Christmas tree just to make it fit! Instead, plan ahead.

It's not just the height that you need to consider. It is also the fullness of the tree. If there isn't enough room around the base of the tree then people won't be able to navigate around it. It's important that you buy a tree that fits into your space.

Before buying a real Christmas tree online measure the space that it will fill. Here is a simple size chart to help you better visualize how our trees will look in your home or office.

Christmas Tree size chart

Consider your family

Consider your family's size, the age of the decorators, the amount of decorations you have, and your family's interest level in decorating. Then buy a size that fits them. 

For a small family, it may be easier to decorate a smaller tree. However, if you're buying a Christmas tree for a larger family, go bigger to make sure everyone has space to decorate.

If you have small kids (or teens) they may lose interest fast, leaving you with most of the tree to finish on your own. The good news is, if your family isn't into decorating, our elves are. When you buy your real Christmas Tree from us select the lights installation package at checkout. Our elves will help with the most challenging part of decorating the tree, the lights.

What if you still pick the wrong size?

If you choose the wrong size tree we will replace it. We do ask that you give your new Christmas tree 24 hours to settle first. This allows the branches to adequately fill the space for which they are intended. After 24 hours, if the tree still isn't the right fit, call us to swap it out for a different size. (fees may apply, see FAQs for details)

What is your Christmas Tree budget?

When buying a real fresh Christmas tree online, it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend. Buy the tree that's right for your budget and your space. Don't go big because you feel like you have to. This only adds unnecessary stress to your holiday.

Our premium Christmas trees are priced by height so that you receive the best value possible.

Do you have the necessary supplies before buying a real Christmas tree?

To keep your tree upright and fresh throughout the holiday season, you need a sturdy base with a decent water reservoir.

Fresh Christmas trees get thirsty and need to be watered daily. You'll need to check the water level in the tree stand to help your tree stay healthy and hydrated. If the tree dries out it's not only the needles dropping that you need to worry about. A dry Christmas tree quickly becomes a fire hazard in your home.

In addition to water, trees benefit from nutrients. While water is the absolute best thing you can provide your tree, we also offer a Tree Life Extension Solution to help it stay fresh longer.

Do you know what to do with your tree after Christmas?

When you buy a real Christmas tree instead of an artificial one, you're choosing the planet. Artificial trees sit in landfills once they are tossed, but real Christmas trees are eco-friendly and easily recycled.

If you're not sure how to dispose of a real Christmas tree, simply let us know you would like to utilize our Christmas tree removal service and we will schedule a time to come pick it up after the holidays to properly recycle it.

Where can I buy a real Christmas tree online?

Well, from us. If you are in New York City, AA Christmas Tree is the best option for buying your Christmas tree online.

Our trees are the best quality and when you order before November 25 you get free delivery. Order from us today! You won't be disappointed with our service or our trees. In fact, we guarantee it.