Christmas Decorating Trends for 2021

Christmas Decorating Trends for 2021

Are you already thinking through Christmas tree decoration ideas? If so, this post is for you. We're exploring the Christmas trends for 2021, new takes on traditional ideas, and what Christmas colors are the most popular. What we hope you take from this post is that the best way to decorate your home is by adding a little of your personality, values, and spark into the decor.

Just like every year, there's a whole new slew of Christmas Tree Decorating Trends for 2021. We can't wait to see what they will inspire!

Christmas Colors for 2021

Burnished berry tones and gold accents are trending in 2021.

Sure, red and green might be the traditional Christmas colors, but why? According to NPR, Coca-Cola's marketing team is the real reason behind our "traditional" use of red and green at Christmas. Of course, you mix in the classic evergreens and holly branches, and we end up with an odd mix of ancient culture and modern advertising (see The Complicated History of the Christmas Tree).

Look, if Coca-Cola could change things up, so can you!

Burnished berry tones aren't as rebellious as they might sound. Raspberries are, after all, a shade of red and grapes and plums aren't that far from them on the color wheel.

These colors pair beautifully with gold accents that give the nod back to a more traditional sophistication and style. They are rich winter hues that allow for the addition of frosted whites and pops of natural greenery.

2021 Holiday Decor Trends Are Sustainable

The population as a whole is more educated and aware of our climate footprints than ever before.

Whether it's the Red Tide in Florida, burning forests in Australia, or melting ice caps at the North Pole, we understand that our small choices can have a big impact on our planet's well-being.

The Christmas trends of 2021/22 and beyond, yes, we do believe this one will stick is a move away from the disposable and towards sustainability. This means that more families are turning to real Christmas trees that allow them to bring more of nature indoors. It's a more eco-friendly solution as real trees can be recycled and repurposed, while artificial ones simply sit in landfills.

If you're not too keen on the Christmas color trend of rich reds and deep purples, the move towards sustainable materials may be more in your lane. This trend incorporates natural, earthy, and muted tones. It keeps the decorations simple and focuses on the natural beauty of nature.

An earth-friendly Christmas harkens back to the roots of the tradition, a love of trees, and an acknowledgment that light and spring will come again.

The Coolest Christmas Decorations of 2021 are DIY

People are looking for more unique Christmas decorating ideas. They are stepping away from the big box stores (in part due to increased prices and a disrupted supply chain) and creating their own.

Most of us picked up a new hobby or two during the pandemic, and we're eager to show it off. A Christmas tree makes a perfect canvas for tiny cross-stitched ornaments, hand-sculpted figurines, painted wooden cutouts, crocheted garland, hand-tied bows, and more.

Christmas wasn't always so commercial. So maybe it's time to get back to some of yesteryear's family gatherings, making gifts for one another, and just enjoying the day as a reminder to pause and be with the people we love.

How Will You Decorate This Year

While there are many different ways you can go (traditional red and green, burnished berries with gold, or earthy neutral tones), one thing is for sure - eco-friendly is the Christmas trend of 2021 that we all hope will stick.

What does this mean? It means more people are opting for real Christmas trees because they are environmentally friendly. So don't forget to preorder your tree today! With so many opting for Frasier Firs, you'll want to make sure to get yours before we run out.