When is the Best Time to Put Up a Christmas Tree in NYC?

When is the Best Time to Put Up a Christmas Tree in NYC?

In this new normal, it’s tough to think about celebrating the upcoming holiday season without being able to hop over to a cozy and happily crowded pop-up bar after work or to host a festive gathering at your place with the “more the merrier” mentality. Mostly, it’s hard to think of not hugging all of our friends and extended family and being able to celebrate all together in person, the way we’re used to.

But we can all hold on to the fact that nobody can take the joy of Christmas from us and we can showcase that joy—and share it too—with Christmas decorations in abundance to transmit that feeling of a jubilant holiday season. If anything, it’s more important to show and spread the holiday cheer to close out 2020.

And what is the very pinnacle of the Christmas season?

It is finding the perfect tree. Whether you live in a basement apartment, a brownstone, or a multi-bedroom house, the sparkling lights, ornaments, and refreshing greenery scent of the tree welcoming you into your front door will be well worth the effort. The only dilemma is when to buy your NYC Christmas tree so you can get to enjoying the Holiday season in abundance.

The Right Time to Buy a Christmas Tree in NYC

When should I buy my real Christmas tree? It’s a valid question with many right answers. It really comes down to personal preference. If you take a cue from the majestic Rockefeller Christmas tree, it is typically set up in early November and then lit the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. This is a great option; buy early when there is an abundance of trees to choose from and then decorate when your schedule allows.

Or, perhaps you’ve been inspired by Santa riding in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the past, and you want to take advantage of extra hands around the table to decorate. Great, put your Christmas tree up on Turkey Day! Others may prefer to wait until December 1, and others wait until a weekend in December when they have hours off of school and work to go expertly peruse their options.

Do you go out of town for Christmas?

Don’t forgo a Christmas tree just because you won’t be home on Christmas Day! Enjoy a fresh Christmas tree in your NYC home to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas Day. Just choose your desired delivery day and we’ll take care of the rest.

There is no right or wrong answer here. We deliver Christmas trees in NYC seven days a week leading up to Christmas day. Should you want to have your tree ready to go on Thanksgiving Day*, we can make it happen. Aiming for a December 1st setup day? Just let us know!

*Keep in mind that you should allow your Christmas tree to settle for 24 hours before adding decorations, so plan accordingly.

Also important to note, if your tree will be in a hot climate (warm office building, in front of a large picture window that gets direct sunlight) it is advisable to wait until on or after December 1st in order to maximize the freshness of your tree through the Christmas season.

Keep Your NYC Christmas Tree Fresh All Season

Once you bring your freshly-trimmed tree home, the key importance is to keep it consistently hydrated. Regularly check that the bottom of the tree trunk is sitting in about two inches of water. Keeping your tree well-hydrated will help it stay fresh longer.

Also, consider using Tree Light Solution. This will help your tree stay fresh all season long, regardless of when you buy! Then, you’ll be able to decide whether you want your tree to stay up just through Christmas Day or until after the New Year. Just add your solution to your cart at checkout and we’ll deliver it with your tree.

Ho Ho Ho & Get to Decorating

Whenever you decide that it’s tree time, turn on some holiday tunes, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the decorating process. Regardless of the ups and downs of the past year, try to keep fun holiday traditions, like decorating a tree, in place. It’ll keep you and your family in good spirits and looking forward to the year ahead.

Have a very merry holiday season, NYC!