Our NYC Christmas Tree Was Delivered, Now What?

Our NYC Christmas Tree Was Delivered, Now What?

The Elves from AA Christmas Trees delivered your NYC Christmas Tree, but now what? Do you jump right in and start decorating it? What if it doesn’t look right or isn’t drinking water? Why are the needles already dropping?

We know a live Christmas tree can seem daunting to some people, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to share our industry expertise so you can enjoy your Christmas tree stress-free.

The First Days With Your NYC Christmas Tree

You’re enjoying the scent of your fresh Christmas tree, but you’re wondering why it looks like all of the branches are bunched upwards. Were you delivered a bad Christmas tree to your NYC home?

Not at all! Many people wonder why their Christmas tree doesn’t appear full when it is first delivered.

You’ll want to let your Christmas tree sit for 24 hours to allow for the branches to come down and settle. After 24 hours, the branches will have settled into place, and your Christmas tree will look beautifully full.

The first day is also the day that you’ll want to decide where to place your Christmas tree if you haven’t already. Ensure that your tree is set up away from heat sources, including heat vents, fireplaces, and windows that receive direct sunlight.

When your Christmas tree was delivered, a fresh cut was made in the trunk. That fresh-cut opened any clogged pores so your new Christmas tree could drink water. This may not happen immediately, but you should notice the water in your tree stand going down by the 48-hour mark.

Tips for Decorating Your Fresh Christmas Tree Safely

Your tree is set up, the branches have settled, and now you’re ready to decorate. Start with low-heat LED lights and make sure that you inspect the wires for any broken or frayed edges. Discard the strand if the wires aren’t intact.

If you ordered our Lights Package, these are already inspected and installed. Make sure that the power supply they plug into is not overloaded. When adding your decorations, consider small children and pets. Place your breakable ornaments out of reach. If you have pets, forego the tinsel as a decor item this year. Pets are attracted to the sparkle of the tinsel, but it is a hazard if ingested.

Finally, if your Christmas tree decor includes an electric train set that goes around the tree, ensure that the cords stay well away from the tree stand full of water.

Real Christmas trees can last through the whole Holiday season with proper tree care. They brighten the home and add to the joy of the season. Make sure that you decorate safely for both your family and your pets.