How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer

 Enjoying the beauty of the holiday season longer is only one of the many advantages of keeping your Christmas tree fresh. A fresh tree is a beautiful addition to any home. But when not properly cared for needles begin to drop, the tree dries out, and it can become a fire hazard.

We are often asked how long a Christmas tree lasts. The answer depends on how well you take care of it. Following are four simple tips on how to keep your Christmas tree alive throughout the entire Christmas season.

#1 Christmas Tree watering

Hydrate immediately and often.

The best way to increase your tree’s longevity is to water it as soon as you get it home and then fill it up daily. Your tree needs one quart of water per inch of its diameter.

Having a tree stand with a built-in reservoir will help you maintain the water level. Never let the water drop below the base of the trunk. The exposed cut has to be touching to drink.

You want to get the tree into water as soon as possible because it can take 48 hours for your tree to take its first sip. That’s a long time to go without a drink!

Living Christmas trees are thirsty and require a lot of hydration, but that amount can fluctuate daily. Don’t be alarmed if the reservoir empties quickly one day and barely at all the next. As long as the cut is touching the water and is not blocked by sap, the tree will drink what it needs.

#2 Don’t let sap seal the cut

When trees are cut down, the sap runs into the wound and seals it, blocking its ability to soak up water. That’s why at AA Christmas Tree, we make a fresh cut right before delivery.

If you’ve purchased your tree somewhere else and they don’t make the cut for you, you’ll need to make a perpendicular cut a ½ inch thick from the base before putting it in water. If you don’t, the sap will prevent the tree from drinking.

The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) recommends a perpendicular cut because cutting at an angle or into a V limits the amount of water the tree can absorb while also making it unstable in the stand.

Don’t drill a hole into the bottom of the tree. This does nothing to help. The flat cut exposes more surface area to the water allowing it to take in more water.

However, if you cut the tree yourself and brought it directly home, there is no need to make an additional cut. Instead, simply get it into the water immediately, even if that means placing it in a bucket while you run out to get the right tree stand.

After 48 hours, if your tree still is not drinking, it might be sap deposits that are blocking the intake. Add hot tap water (not boiling) to the tree stand to help break up the sap.  

#3 Feed your tree

Your tree needs more than just water to live longer.

But what can you put in your Christmas tree’s water to help extend its life?

At AA Christmas Tree, we offer Tree Life Extension Solution. Simply mix into a gallon of water once a week and fill the water basin. This weekly ritual ensures your tree will get all the nutrients it needs to thrive. The solution is specially formulated for the Fraser Fir and helps the needles maintain their beautiful blue-green color and silvery underside longer.

#4 Keep it away from heat

Part of keeping your tree hydrated and healthy requires that you keep it away from direct heat.

Heat will dry out your tree, make it brittle and cause it to drop needles. Do not place it near vents, heaters, or fireplaces.

Here are three simple ways to decrease heat exposure.

  •         Lower the room’s temperature where the tree will be displayed
  •         Use low-powered lights
  •         Make sure to keep checking that water level

The more heat the tree is exposed to, the more it is going to want to drink. Dry trees become fire hazards. If your tree does dry out, remove it from your home. Do not burn it in the fireplace. Expose of it safely and recycle.

How long do Christmas trees last?

With proper care, you can purchase your Fraser Fir Christmas tree early in the season and still have vibrant needles on December 25. But like any living thing, your tree needs to be cared for.

At AA Christmas Trees, we provide the highest quality Christmas Trees in NYC and offer services that include delivery, tree installation, Christmas light installation, tree supplements, and tree removal.

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