A New York City Christmas Tree to Remember

A New York City Christmas Tree to Remember

2020 has seemed to drag on forever while also speeding through the months and we all deserve a special NYC Christmas that we’ll remember forever. While your Christmas may look different this year, it doesn’t have to be forgotten. Let’s create special moments, treasured memories, and fun experiences that will help us end 2020 with joy and laughter.

Start With The Perfect No-Fuss NYC Christmas Tree

What could be more no-fuss than sitting at home in your pajamas and ordering your Christmas tree for delivery?

How about having that Christmas tree delivered fully clothed in sparkling new Christmas lights, a treestand at the ready, and set up in the exact spot that you want it for the Holiday season?

It really could be that simple when you order from AA Christmas Trees this year. We take care of the fuss of the tree, you decorate it to your heart’s content.

Create a Memorable Decorating Night

We sometimes hold back on decorations thinking it’s best to be understated and not over the top. If there was ever a year to go over the top, this is the year to do so. Plan a special night to decorate your Christmas tree, add in some new and fun elements, turn up the music, and make some lasting memories.

Start with dinner-in from your favorite restaurant or keep it simple with DIY pizzas or a hotdog bar. It’s not so much what you’re eating as what you’re celebrating and who you’re celebrating with. Put on some joyful Christmas music, and decorate the tree and home with festive decor.

Decorations For a Special 2020 Christmas

If there was ever a year to add on extra Christmas decorations, it’s this year. From a joyful electric train around the Christmas tree to a fun ladder-climbing Santa making his way to the top of the tree, the options are truly as limited as your budget and imagination.

But don’t stop there. Add festive lights around your windows, use battery-powered candles on the window dashes, and put up a Christmas-scented wreath on your front door. These decorations will not only add to your holiday spirit, but they share the Christmas cheer with your neighbors and passersby.

While we may not be able to spend Christmas with a large group of extended family and friends this year, we can create a magical experience inside our homes and decorate in places that spread that Christmas cheer around. Take advantage of the opportunity to do something different this year and have fun doing so.

From the AA Christmas Tree family, we wish you the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years.