2020 Christmas Tree Trends For NYC Christmas Trees

2020 Christmas Tree Trends For NYC Christmas Trees

There are hundreds upon hundreds of ways that you can decorate your Christmas tree to create a look that your whole family will love. From handmade ornaments to a festive blue and silver style, the options are almost endless, and we’ve compiled some of the top 2020 Christmas Tree Trends for you to pursue.

2020 Christmas Tree Trends

NYC Christmas Trees Outfitted in Blue

Classic Blue is the Pantone color of 2020. Seen in many home decor items, furnishings, and accessories this year, many new Christmas decorations of 2020 are in this color. If you’re hoping to change your decorating scheme to a trending style, a classic blue mixed with white, silver, or gold is a great option.

Make it a Platinum Christmas

Not quite silver and not quite gold, platinum is a softer tone and a great neutral color for your NYC Christmas tree. Pair it with clear low-heat lights and virtually any other color of your choice—blue, red, black, etc. This color looks especially great on Frasier Firs with their blue and silver-tinted branches.

Buffalo Checkered Christmas Decorations

All the plaid is all the rad, which holds true for buffalo checkered Christmas decor this year! Most items are available in red and black or a white and black pattern. Pair with burlap for a great rustic-elegance look. This is also a great style to throw in a bit of a farmhouse look too. Red berries, frosted pinecones, and aged metals will all pair well while adding to the farmhouse style.

A Colorful Christmas Tree Style

Add a fun pop of non-traditional color to your Christmas decorations this year. Choose your color based on accents in your home—yellows, hot pinks, orange—and base your selections around that. Pair with a snowy white or black for a truly unique and special look for your 2020 Christmas tree.

A Christmas of Christmas Pasts

If there has ever been a Christmas to celebrate the Christmas’ of yesterday, it’s this Christmas. Pull out the homemade ornaments, the ornaments with pictures on them, and the clay pieces from years ago. You could even ask family members to send you some of their favorite older decorations for your tree as a way of bringing everyone together. Reminisce as you hang each one, and don’t be afraid to make new ones to add to the collection.

Whatever style Christmas tree you go with this year, remember that it’s not so much about how the tree looks—that’s just the centerpiece to the celebrations. It’s about being with your loved ones and creating memories that will last a lifetime. We’re honored to be a small part of those celebrations with our Christmas tree delivery to your NYC home.