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Choosing a Christmas Tree from the Bronx

The pandemic has shifted the way we buy products online, forcing us to become more reliant on online purchases. Primarily for safety and convenience.

We were already accustomed to buying everything via the Internet, even pre-pandemic, so don't cheat on yourself during the Christmas holidays, either!

We’re here to help you learn about choosing, placing an order, and delivering a beautiful Christmas tree to spread the holiday spirit during this challenging time. Let’s not lose the true spirit of Christmas!

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the smell of Christmas. Let me guess, did you smell pine needles first, and then turkey, fruitcake, and cookies? 

As you’re holding that image in your mind, consider how vital the evergreen beauty in the center of the composition is for a fabulous holiday. New York is famous for Christmas time and how distinctive and decorated each borough is.

For example, you need to know where to buy real Christmas trees in the Bronx, NY. 

Aren’t sure where to start? Don’t have the correct information on how to find an affordable Christmas tree in a pinch and without getting up from the couch? Have no fear! We can help you buy a beautiful fresh Christmas tree in the Bronx, leaving one worry off your to-do list because Christmas is already stressful enough. Please leave it to us, experts!

christmas tree delivery bronx ny

Buy a Christmas Tree Online in The Bronx NY

The whole world has had to adapt to our new ‘normal’ quickly and how we shop, live, and celebrate holidays. 

Besides, who wants to waste time on the road, traffic jams, standing in line in stores, and the long and tedious selection of products? Especially when it’s as simple as one click of a computer mouse.

Aside from convenience, is it worth thinking about safety?  At the moment, not all people in the United States have been vaccinated, which means that the threat is still hanging over us, and it’s imperative to keep our loved ones safe.

To get infected with something and get sick on Christmas Eve is enormous, especially if you go to choose a Christmas joy with loved ones or simply running into contact with sellers and other buyers.

Therefore, why not buy a Christmas tree online? Don’t add to the stress!

You don't need a car, and you can find better options for buying an evergreen tree without overpaying the cunning seller for rent and opening hours. 

Simply typing the text “Christmas tree delivery Bronx NY” into the search and studying the prices will make you lose your festive mood. Usually, online services that sell Christmas trees in the Bronx online provide free delivery.

Additionally, our company also provides you with the opportunity to help you discard your Christmas tree through eco-friendly practices and recycling within Bronx, NY.

christmas trees in the bronx

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in The Bronx?

In total, there are three options where you can buy the spirit of Christmas. Now  we will briefly tell you their pros and cons:

  1. Spontaneous Street Markets:

On the plus side, it might be close to your home and the fact that you can admire real Christmas trees in Bronx, NY, and check their freshness by touching the branches. 

However, the prices here will be unreasonably high, and often delivery is not part of the service since it’s directed toward impulse buying. 

Therefore, you will either have to drive your car (most New Yorkers rely on public transit), and if you do have a car, it’s typically too compact to accommodate a Christmas tree. Your last resort becomes carrying it or paying more for a third-party delivery service. 

2. Local Companies

You can find much more convenient service and standard adequate prices from local sellers. 

Of course, the choice is yours, but what do you choose: set the date and time of delivery, spend time waiting around for it, and then receive a text message for a window of time? Often it’s late, further costing you time and money.

Alternatively, walk endlessly for a long time and look for a decent tree, and then suffer from delivery, installation, and removal yourself?

There are local businesses in New York that offer trees, and many of them will deliver, decorate, harvest, and recycle trees.

3. Order On Our Website

CTB (Christmas Tree Brooklyn) invites you, the valued customer, to evaluate the profitability of our terms. We provide you with several advantages of placing an order with us:

  • You do not need to pay for shipping;
  • Only Fraser Fir - The best variety on the market for lovers of lush, large, fresh dark green trees;
  • We will not only bring a gorgeous Christmas tree and leave it at your door, but we will also install it wherever you say it, and decorate it for you, and take it for processing after Christmas;
  • A large selection of tree sizes for all preferences and needs;
  • Even better? It’s possible to order additional lighting, garlands, stands, as well as a unique bag for removing the tree after the holidays - more straightforward than you thought and less stress;
  • Absolute observance of the mask mode when working with our clients: our masks, gloves, frequent hand washing, temperature checker, and sanitizing are always with us— we take the safety of our customers seriously and top priority;
  • Selection of the date and time of installation when placing an order on our website, making it easier to accommodate your schedule during this busy time of year.
christmas trees bronx ny

3 Steps to Buying Christmas Tree

We have divided everything into separate items so that you, in the festive turmoil, frantically checking your checklist, do not accidentally forget anything or feel overwhelmed. So, here is the sequence of steps to simplify the process:

  1. Choose Your Christmas Tree

You can choose Christmas trees in the Bronx that are affordable for every budget (starting at $ 69 to a maximum of $429) and size (3-4 feet to 10-12 feet). It all depends on the scale of your holiday inspiration and imagination!

We caution you to ensure you’ve adequately measured the height of the ceiling in your house and then decide the budget for your Christmas tree.

Also, think in advance. Maybe you would like to order additional services to make it easier for yourself the already intense pre-Noel's race? Save on stress this year!

2.  Pick a Delivery Date

Consider your schedule and highlight the date and time when you can open the doors that work in your favor. 

We even consider your special requests for delivery times. Just write to let us know, and we’ll work with you!

Try to calculate the delivery date so that it does not coincide with the order date. There is usually a heavy load before the holidays, and we limit the number of possible departures. 

Ordering sooner than later guarantees and smooth delivery and set up.

  1. Receive Tree Delivery and Set Up

When your tree is already packed and loaded into the car, our driver will send you a text message about the estimated arrival at your home. 

Our polite and friendly employees will bring green joy inside your home, carefully set up, and be mindful of specific instructions. 

Lastly, your Christmas tree will soon sparkle like a diamond!

Christmas Trees Delivery and Installation Services in the Bronx

Lastly, a crucial stage depends on how long the smell of pine needles will remain present in your house and how long your sneaky cat will attempt on the life of the main Christmas decoration. 

For our part, we are incredibly confident in the professionalism of the services provided, and that is our guarantee to you. 

The most that can threaten your tree is your restless children and pets, but you’ve got this!

Special Offer: 

You know how much it usually costs to deliver a Christmas tree around New York, let alone a quality installation in your home. 

We love our clients and are ready to do this job with a smile on our face and completely free of charge, provided that you are pre-order by November 25.

The joy we bring into your home compares to the satisfaction of our job each year! See you this Christmas! 


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