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Buy Online a Christmas Tree in Manhattan NY

Everyone impatiently waits for, arguably, the prettiest holiday in a year: Christmas. New Year is a truly perfect time for people who like decorations and lights. We also know that Christmas doesn’t end on December 26th and that the main attraction of this holiday is a Christmas tree going into the new year. It’s hard to take down a Christmas tree. If you could, you’d leave it up forever!

We offer our clients a wide variety of trees, and we'll help you find Christmas trees in Manhattan. Here you'll find out where to buy fresh Christmas trees in Manhattan. 

To be ready before the holiday rush, order here, read below to find more information, and have a great offer!

Where to Buy Online a Christmas Tree in Manhattan NY

You want the best Christmas tree but maybe tired of going around the Christmas Eve markets for hours looking for a perfect soft fir? 

Everybody knows how tiring the preparations for the winter holidays are.  Especially if you live in a large city and the traffic gets hectic during this time; people fill the streets and shops in a holiday rush. Besides, everybody knows how hard it is to carry oversized items in crowded streets and spend money to transport a Christmas tree in New York, Manhattan

We all want to have beautiful decorations for our house and the perfect authentic tree; to cover it with sparkling lights, holiday candles, and endless decorations. 

Take the opportunity to find a Christmas tree in Manhattan, NY, here online. With us, you can find the enormous tree in Manhattan and stand out of the crowd with it. We will cover the delivery cost, so you don't have to think about some transport or carry it yourself. 

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What are Some Differences Between Real and Fake Trees?

Our company is client-oriented. That's why we meet all the needs of our clients. Additionally, we provide different types of trees depending on the needs of our clients.

Real Christmas Trees

There are Christmas trees of different types by size, color, needle type. We provide the size of a tree in inches, so you can measure accordingly and pick the right size for your apartment or house. Everything is measured carefully, be sure that you'll not be misled with the wrong sizing.

You can also pick the right color by our pallet that has been done digitally perfectly close to the natural shade of the tree in daylight for a better visual.

You can also find some information about the needle type of the Christmas tree from short to long, big to small, and thick to thin.

What are Some Pros and Cons of Buying a Real Tree?


  • They're eco-friendly;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • The tree extracts healthy oils and smells that favorably affect our nervous system, make our breath more accessible, and even have a relaxing effect;
  • Doctors strongly recommend fir trees fumes for those who have breathing problems and depressive episodes;
  • Our trees do not damage the natural environment, and we grow them specifically for selling;
  • Boosts your happiness level by 100%


  • These are just a one-holiday purchase;
  • It requires watering for a longer life.

Artificial trees

Like with any real tree, you can find all types of Christmas trees in Manhattan, New York, that are artificial. Here the range is just the same as with the real one. A wider variety of colors is provided as well.

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What are the Pros of a Fake Christmas Tree?


  • These are long-lasting;
  • They're convertible so that you can store it conveniently till next year;
  • No need to water!
  • No need to think about buying a new tree each year;
  • There is a possibility to pick exclusive colors (white, pink, blue, yellow…any color in the rainbow!)


  • Do not have any health-boosting effect;
  • Do not have mood-boosting effect;
  • Do not have any fragrance as the real one.

Where to buy Christmas trees in Manhattan?

You can look for a Christmas tree in Manhattan markets, but we are the best decision and have a fantastic offer to buy it online easily. 

In recent years, shopping online became quite a regular activity and even grew more since the notorious day of the beginning of the pandemic. 

As a client-oriented company, we're interested in making the purchase process convenient for the customer. That's why our website is easy and ready to use, young or older. 

Be sure to check the quality of our products from the first source by reading real-person reviews, and after making a purchase, you can always leave your review about the product. 

Even better, we'd love to see beautiful photos of a "dressed up" holiday tree with your review after making an order with our company. When you're happy, we're so glad too!

You Can Contact Us Here: 

Email: info@christmastreebrooklyn.com

Phone: +1 917-997-1216

Address: 184 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

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3 Steps to Buying Christmas Tree

The more accessible, the better, right?! We think about our customers first. That’s why your convenience is the most important for us. There are only three steps to getting the tree of your dream right in your living room!

Choose Your Christmas Tree

Pick the perfect tree for you by looking through our photo catalog with trees of a different type, shape, color, and size! Whatever suits your specific taste! 

Pick Delivery Date

Place an order on the website, fill out the forms for the payment and delivery.

Receive Free Delivery and Set-Up

Wait for our delivery! That’s all! And then, enjoy!

Christmas Trees Delivery and Installation Services in Manhattan

We provide not only the best decorations for holidays, but also we are delivering Christmas trees to Manhattan NYC as soon as possible, right after Thanksgiving. 

Our company is eager to make the service convenient for the client, that's why we guarantee fast and careful delivery to your house and, in addition, installation of a tree. All you need is to prepare the place for the installation, and we'll take care of the rest. Pretty simple, right?

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